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At MV Construction Group, we understand homeowners better than any other residential demolition company in Sydney.


From rental to owned residential properties, we have the best demolition team for any size project.


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    What We Do

    House Demolition


    We take down a house in a planned and organized manner by saving the hassle of planning a strategy, arranging labour, council approvals, machinery and so much more. We provide fast & efficient house demolition services in Sydney.

    Home Refurbishment


    Planning home renovations? We have a team comprising of architects/interior designers and engineers to help you decide what to and not to demolish to get the perfect balance of function and elegance in your home interiors.

    House Extensions


    Looking to hammer down the interior walls or extending the living room, kitchen, expanding the patio, removing the staircase, or anything else? Sydney’s residential demolition experts can help you from start till the project completion.

    Hazardous Material Removal


    Residential demolitions generate tons of toxic and non-toxic debris and construction waste. We undertake safe and effective disposal of asbestos, batteries, chemicals, oil etc. No delay for new home constructions.

    House Excavation


    Preparing the perfect foundation for your home. Be it wet, dry or rock excavations, we are trusted professional excavators in Sydney. Everything happens under the local demolition laws and regulations.

    Knockdown Builds


    Would you like to demolish and build a house from scratch? This is something only an experienced residential demolition team in Sydney like MV Construction Group can do. We have 20+ years of experience in engineering knockdown builds.

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    Our Work


    Why Sydneysiders Choose Us

    Industry Experience


    MV Construction Group has more than 20 years of experience in Sydney’s demolition industry. From homes, offices, industrial sites to various other public and private projects, we have an illustrious work portfolio to support our confidence in what we do.

    Dedicated Team


    A highly-qualified, trained, licensed and insured team undertakes every demolition project with unparalleled confidence and conviction. Every crew member is vetted and trained on the job. Good at planning and competent on the field.



    We are here to help you through the demolition process, from start to finish.
    Local council approvals/compliance applications; waste removal; traffic management plans; tree removal; environmental risk assessment & damage control plans/strategies.



    Demolitions can be risky but at MV Construction Group, we adhere to the highest level of safety. We ascertain & resolve all the risks to deliver excellent results without causing harm to humans, the community at large & the environment.

    Quick Turnaround


    We are among
    Sydney’s dependable demolition contractors. Our in-house team plans everything, from vetting labour, selecting machinery/tools, managing laws/regulatory due diligence to the practical execution; Ensuring timely job completions.



    We offer high value for money invested in our demolition services. Be it any size or composition of the construction, we promise world-class demolitions and site preparations at competitive prices in Sydney. We are honest and fair with our pricing strategies.

    Dedicated Residential Demolition Team for Hire in Sydney & Surrounding Areas

    MV Construction Group has gained the trust of resident and property developers for world-class residential demolitions in Sydney.


    From initial planning to the final deconstruction, we have kept the standards high to protect our reputation. We strive to deliver every project with immaculate precision, on time and within budget.


    We have an in-house team that takes care of every detail including:


    • Demolition clearance certificate
    • Safe work method statements
    • Asbestos removal license
    • Traffic control plans
    • Environmental safety plans
    • Arborist plans
    • Demolition site fencing
    • Utility disconnections
    • Sewer plans
    • Rental truck hires for waste transport


    Sydney’s trusted residential demolition contractor is committed to delivering value to clients.   Reach out to us and schedule a meeting with one of our demolition experts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Generally, property owners need approvals from Complying Development Checklist (CDC) and Development Application (DA) to meet all the regulatory requirements.  Please note some sites need only DA approvals and they take up to 6 months for the complete process.  The CDC approvals whereas are received in 3-4 months.


    Talk to your demolition company in Sydney for more information on what to expect.

    Yes. MV Construction Group is a licensed company in identifying and removing toxic material like asbestos, oils, and other potentially dangerous materials from the demolition site.


    We have the skills, resources and expertise needed for the job. So, you do not have to look any further than us.

    The project timeline depends on a number of factors including:

    • CDC and DA approvals
    • Size and location of the property to be demolished
    • Presence of asbestos and other hazardous materials
    • Environmental remediation


    All the relevant parameters are discussed in the initial discussions.  Schedule a meeting to get a good idea of the project duration.

    We ask for a small percentage of the actual payment (10-15%) as an initial deposit. The remaining payment can be done in instalments or after the project completion.  For any more flexibility in payment options, talk to one of our representatives.