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Are you looking to refreshen your house or add new life to it? MV Construction Group has designed and built some of the finest houses in Sydney. Whether you are looking for a complete house renovation or house extension, our renovation specialists can help guide you through the process. We understand how complex renovation can become, so our in-house team can handle everything from the start to the end.


Do you have a project to discuss? As one of Sydney’s best renovation builders, we have the knowledge and experience to make your renovation project convenient and affordable. Request for a project consultation and share what you are looking for in your next renovation project.

Types Of Renovation

House Renovation


Are you looking to renovate your existing home? A simple renovation can improve your daily life and even improve the value of your house. Our team offers home-wide renovations to help you plan out every single details of your house. Our team will help coordinate all the parties and suppliers throughout the project to ensure that construction is a smooth as possible.

Kitchen Renovation


Renovating a kitchen can create a huge difference in-terms of lifestyle. A modern kitchen can not only make your life easier but makes cooking more enjoyable. Our team of designers will help you design a tailored kitchen layout and source the most suitable appliances and cabinetry. We will coordinate with all the tradespeople and suppliers on your behalf to ensure that the renovation is completed at the agreed upon time.

Home Extension


Home extensions are a major renovation project. Our team of experienced designers and renovation builders can ensure that your house extension project is as smooth as possible. Whether it’s an extra room or even a complete house extension, we can help. As part of our quality control, we will coordinate all parties that are involved to make the project as simple as possible.

Bathroom Renovation


As the size of the bathroom is often limited, it is important to make use of all the available space without impacting the functionality. Our design can be tailored based on your needs from the height of shower to the type of hand-basin. Our full bathroom renovation service can ensure that the project is completed to strict quality standards from the design to construction.

Outdoor Renovation


Whether you are looking to create a new outdoor room or garden area, our designers can help maximise the use of your garden area. Our designs can be tailored based on your requirements and industry trends. Our team will work closely with qualified builders and tradesmen to ensure that the project is complete on time.

Living Room Renovation


The renovation of a living room can help bring more a natural flow into the house but can also change your lifestyle. Our team can review the current housing structure and provide tailored living room designs. Our tailored design will also take into consideration the type of flooring and material that you would like.

Why Choose MV Construction Group

  • Over 20 Years Renovation Experience

At MV Construction Group, we have renovated different types of residential houses throughout Sydney.


  • Affordable

Our renovation project has no hidden costs and we offer competitive market rates. 


  • Due Diligence

We are well-acquainted on local council residential compliances policies and will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our designs and construction adhere to strict quality controls and standards from vetting suppliers to project management.

Our Renovation Services

Renovation & Remodelling Design


We can help renovate or remodel your house to ensure that the house fits in with your lifestyle and is aesthetically pleasing.

Project Management


Our project management team supervises renovations from the start to completion to ensure that the renovation project will run smoothly.



As part of our renovation services, we will demolish and dispose of all required structures and materials to make way for the renovation.

Renovation Construction


Our construction of the renovation design uses the highest quality material and adheres by strict quality standards.

Site Clean-Up


Our renovation services include site clean-up. Our team will safely dispose of any rubble, stones and construction waste from the renovation.

Our Renovation Process

Project Discussion


We conduct a thorough discussion to understand your renovation needs. Throughout our discussion, we will collect all the details and information and will also conduct a site visit to assess the current layout/structure.

Proposed Design


Our in-house team of designers will brainstorm creative ideas and we will present our initial renovation building plan. We will also take onboard all the feedback and share the estimated project cost.

DA Approvals


After confirmation of the design, we will file the application for DA approval if its required. This process will take a few weeks depending on the council’s outcome.

Resource Management


Our network of suppliers and vendors will arrange the construction material, machines, tools and labour to arrive. After arrangement, we will sign contracts with all parties and vendors to ensure that there are no delays.

Actual Construction


Our team will begin the construction from demolition to renovation.



We will run quality checks to determine that the construction is up to the highest standard. In the unlikeliest event, if there are faults, we will fix all electrical, plumbing and mechanical failures. A final inspection will be conducted to ensure that you are satisfied with the renovation and we will make minor adjustment as required.

Our Work

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average house renovation can be completed within less than a week or it may take up to 3 – 8 months. The time required is dependent on the scope of the renovation projects (minor or major changes) and other factors (structural changes required, DA approval, site location). 

    No, internal renovations are exempt from DA approval unless major structural changes are required. Most types of external renovations, property extensions and construction require DA approval from your local council. However, it is important to check what the specific local council requirements are.

    The cost to renovate a house in Sydney can vary widely. Currently, the average house renovation cost around $20,000. A fully-finished structural renovation could cost up to $200,000. This type of renovation would include moving walls, roof and floor plans changes, the cost of hiring an architect or renovation builder etc. 

    Some residential properties have a depreciable value, which can be claimed prior to and after your home renovation project. The ATO allows owners of income-producing properties to claim depreciative deductions for the building’s wear and tear. It is important to consult with your tax agent for more information.

    No, we are a dependable home renovating and building company with partnered firms that can supply us a wide variety of material.  However, if you wish to buy something on your own or have a preferred supplier not listed with us, you can consult our project managers for flexible options.

    We can renovate any type of houses from single-family houses to apartments. At MV Construction Group, we offer personalised renovation designs for all types of residential properties.

    As one of the most experienced renovation builders in Sydney, our industry experience has earned the trust of residents and businesses Sydney-wide. However, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the end results, we are more than happy to discuss any minor repairs and adjustments.