Sydney Office Strip-Outs —Effective, Efficient & Economical


Knocking down a building is easier said than done.  It is a job that requires complete industry knowledge, hands-on experience and a mind that knows how to mitigate risks and remediates challenging situations.


MV Construction Group is a specialised office strip-out company Sydney business can count on for small to large scale projects.


What you get in the end is a professionally razed site or interior space that can be safely used for new builds and/or office renovations.


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    Our Office Strip-Out Services Include:

    Office Interior Strip-Outs


    Pulling down office interiors with precision and as per plans. Experienced and affordable office interior strip-out services following the Work and Safety standards in Australia.

    Exterior Demolitions


    Manual or mechanical demolition of building exteriors like staircases, car parking, office storage or any other structures. Undertakes after receiving local DA approvals in Sydney.

    Exterior Demolitions


    Planning custom fit-out or major office renovations? We can help you by deconstructing what’s not required without affecting the structural integrity of the building. 

    Knockdown builds


    Knocking down old and building new? There’s no need to search for building contractors as we offer a range of design & construction services in Sydney and surrounding areas. 

    Waste Removal


    Some office strip-outs may result in the exposure of hazardous materials like asbestos, oil or other unsafe chemicals. We provide safe and efficient construction waste removal services to licensed sites only.

    Site Cleanup


    We thoroughly clean and level the site for the office fit-out team or commercial builders to take over without any delay or fuss. No uneven ground with exposed underground wires, pipes, etc. 

    Let’s Work Together

    How We Do It


    How We Get It right, Every Time

    Initial Planning


    It’s even more important than execution. From client meetings to scheduling site surveys, we cover every little detail to understand project requirements.  

    Workable strategy


    Office strip-outs and demolitions come with multiple risks/challenges. We work as a team to discover the best and safest office strip-out strategy and detailed project budget.

    Council Approvals


    We get mandatory approvals from the building manager, local council and CDC to adhere to the building regulations.  

    Mobilising Resources


    We arrange for tools, machines and skilled labour from our vetted list of suppliers and local contractors in Sydney.

    Project Commencement


    We reach the job site on time and start the work as planned. Utility connections are disconnected before the work commences. 

    Final Handover


    Our project management team supervises the entire process, from start to finish. We complete projects on time and within budget. The site is always ready for the final handover.

    Fast & Safe Office Strip-Outs in Sydney

    Bringing your office to the skeleton structure for fit-outs or breaking the entire office into rubbles for new builds, MV Construction Group can be the perfect partner.


    Our in-house team manages strip-outs from the conception to the final handover, relieving you from the job of hiring different contractors. We meticulously plan and execute every task following the pre-determined project timeline and within budget.


    We employ the best methods and to strip-out the interiors without posing any damage to the building. Be it asbestos, live wires, water pipes or anything else risky, we use safety precautions to remove construction waste that can be hazardous to the people, the community or the environment.


    By reducing business downtime to acceptable standards, we can arrange office strip-outs after working hours and even on weekends.  Reach out to us and schedule a meeting with one of our commercial fit-out experts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    They can take less than a day or two if it’s a small store or up to a week if a huge commercial site. We can share the exact project timeline after discussing the details like the size of the office, type of construct, etc.  If you’re worried about business downtime, we promise the fastest office strip-outs in Sydney at unparalleled quality and safety.

    If the office strip-outs are within the pre-existing business space, then council approvals can be avoided. But for partial or major demolitions beyond the approved business boundary, you are required to get approval from the DA and the CDC.

    We transport construction waste to designated dumping sites where more than 50% of the waste is recycled. For hazardous material like asbestos, we dispose of them to a licensed tip.

    Of course, we can plan out a workable fit-out strategy that works with your business hours:


    • We fence the job site that prevents any inconvenience to your staff or customers while moving around.
    • We try to cut down the noise and dust as much as possible from our end.
    • We start early and work even after your office timings to complete the project on time.
    • We are available on weekends and national holidays.
    • We have a friendly and cooperative team that can assist you in many ways.