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Get fast and efficient building demolition services from one of Sydney’s highly-rated demolition companies.


We have a skilled, trained and experienced team to undertake demolition projects from small to big.


Having earned the trust of the local residents and businesses, MV Construction Group promises professional demolition services within time and budget.


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    Our Demolition Services Include

    Our Demolition Services Include


    Building a home after breaking down old or outdated construction? Hire MV Contrsutcion Group. From demolitions to rubble removal and beyond, we eliminate all the hassles that come along with the nature of the job without causing environmental harm.

    Asbestos Removal


    We are a qualified, skilled and licensed asbestos removal team in Sydney. We have got the right machinery and equipment for the safe disposal of asbestos products that can be potentially lethal for the people and damaging to the environment.



    Excavation specialists for building foundations, roads, swimming pools, underground car parking, footings/trenches and more. Digging out hard rocks, bricks, muck, earth, etc., with precision to build cavities for new constructions.

    Land Clearing/Site Preparation


    Dedicated residential and commercial land clearing services in Sydney. Removing trees/stump, levelling the ground, digging tunnels, excavation and more, we prepare sites for new constructions/renovation projects.

    Partial Demolition


    Need to remove only a portion of the construction? Trust us—Sydney’s #1 demolition company— for partial demolitions per your specific construction needs. Precise and safe removal of walls, floors, patio, or any other part of a constructed building.

    Interior strip-outs


    A well-planned and performed strip-out service for offices, retail shops, homes, kitchens, bathrooms, garage, etc. A knowledgeable strip-outs team with technical know-how for preparing your space for interior renovation or new construction.

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    Why Sydneysiders Choose Us



    Demolitions can be risky but at MV Construction Group, we adhere to the highest level of safety. We ascertain & resolve all the risks to deliver excellent results without causing harm to humans, the community at large & the environment.

    Dedicated Team


    A highly-qualified, trained, licensed and insured team undertakes every demolition project with unparalleled confidence and conviction. Every crew member is vetted and trained on the job. Good at planning and competent in the field.



    We are here to help you through the demolition process, from start to finish.
    Local council approvals/compliance applications, waste removal, traffic management plans, tree removal, environmental risk assessment & damage control plans/strategies.



    Construction material, tools and equipment are procured and delivered to the project site. Qualified & skilled labour are hired from the general contractors or sub-contractors.

    Quick Turnaround Time


    We are among Sydney’s dependable demolition contractors. Our in-house team plans everything, from vetting labour, selecting machinery/tools, managing laws/regulatory due diligence to the practical execution, ensuring timely job completions.



    We offer high value for money invested in our demolition services.
    No matter the size or composition of the construction, we promise world-class demolitions and site preparations at competitive prices in Sydney. We are honest and fair with our pricing strategies.

    A full-service building demolition company in Sydney

    commercial fit out companies

    Whether removing a sizeable portion of your home or complete building demolition, you can count on us for top-class results.  We have earned the trust of the industry for comprehensive demolitions throughout the Sydney metro.


    At MV Construction Group, we ascertain all the demolition challenges and put a risk-mitigation strategy into action that ensures complete safety and security to the people and the adjoining structure.


    Everything we do is meticulously planned and organised which ensures demolition goes accordingly without any delay.  From methodical demolition to hazardous/construction material removal, MV Construction Group has got you covered.


    As one of the dedicated demolition contractors in Sydney, we put your needs first and arrange the best building demolition for the job in the shortest possible time. Contact us now and schedule a meeting with one of our demolition experts.