Reliable and Qualified Office Demolition Services in Sydney


Office demolitions are more than just hammering walls and creating space for new constructions.


MV Construction Group knows what it takes to demolish offices with precision and without causing any damage to the building structure.


From partial to complete office demolitions in Sydney, you can count on our qualified, skilled and experienced team. 


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    Our Office Demolition Services Include:

    Complete Office Demolition


    Building a new office for your business? We got you covered. From initial planning through demolition, our licensed office demolition company will be by your side.

    Office Strip Outs


    Sydney’s specialist office strip-out team will dismantle specific parts of the office interiors like partitions, walls, flooring, roofing, plastering, electrical setup, plumbing, etc. for major repairs and major renovations to undertake.

    Office Renovation


    Do you have creative ideas for office makeover? Put your trust in our office demolition company for breaking down interior walls, roof, floor or other parts to meet your new design requirements.

    Waste Management


    Construction waste can be harmful to the environment, especially with asbestos. As Sydney’s licensed office demolition services company, we provide fast, efficient & safe asbestos removal for small to large buildings.



    Performing wet, dry and rock excavations for more than 20 years.  We have everything you need to excavate—materials and machines—in strict accordance with the rules & regulations.

    Site Preparation


    Our job does not end at office demolitions. All the scattered debris/rubbish is safely transported to our dumping site and the land is thoroughly cleaned and levelled as per unique office construction requirements.

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    Let’s Work Together

    Our Work

    Why Sydney Businesses Choose Us

    Professional Demolitions


    Office demolitions are a risky job. With more than 20 years of experience, we have set high benchmarks in deconstruction office buildings for accuracy and safety. Whether a single-story building or multi-story setup, we can strip it down for you to build a new office with full compliance.

    Skilled & Licensed Team


    Whether manual or mechanical demolitions, human power makes a significant difference in the actual output. Our team is qualified, trained and experienced to undertake small to large scale demolitions in Sydney.

    Due Diligence Work


    Paperwork is unavoidable in Sydney’s office demolitions but our clients do not have to worry. MV Construction Group takes demolition approvals on your behalf.

    Safe & Hassle-Free Demolitions


    We promise safe & efficient office demolitions every time we are approached for a job. All thanks to the in-depth experience, careful planning, on-job training machines & our safety guidelines.



    Office Demolitions do not happen without planning. At MV Construction Group, we craft a well-thought-out plan to deconstruct and arrange critical resources to complete office demolitions, on time and within budget.



    We are among Sydney’s most affordable office demolition services companies. We are fair, honest and transparent. From labour to machines, tools and trucks, we hire everything from our partnered vendors.

    Office Demolitions Simplified — Hire Sydney Demolition Specialists

    Office demolitions can be complex but if handled by a seasoned player like MV Construction Group, it can be made simple and easy to understand for companies. With Sydney’s top demolition contractor by your side, you can expect optimal office demolition solutions businesses need to enjoy complete peace of mind.


    We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to get through office demolitions systematically for the Sydney metro area.


    What to expect from our team:


    • We study project requirements and coordinate with different trades to engineer a perfect office demolition plan.
    • We put various risk mitigation strategies into action to protect the immediate environment (soil condition, trees, water level, etc.).
    • Our team works along with nearby businesses and the community at large to execute demolitions that cause the least amount of inconvenience or harm. It includes temporary fencing and traffic control plans.
    • All utility connections and disconnections including electricity, water and gas.
    • We adhere to laws governing demolitions in NSW.
    • We ensure the safe removal of any toxic or harmful construction waste like asbestos.
    • All the boxes are ticked (legal documentation) for companies to carry out office demolitions in Sydney.
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    We know the job inside and out; from astute planning to successful execution of an office demolition strategy, our project team always completes the project on time and within budget.


    The ambitious move to deconstruct and construct offices in Sydney can be stress-free if you have the right building company to guide you. Reach out to us and schedule a meeting with one of our demolition experts. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    MV Construction Group is licensed to perform demolitions of buildings with a height of more than 15 meters.  Talk with us for more information on our licensing rights in Sydney and surrounding areas.

    Office demolitions generally mean the complete breakdown of the office building whereas office strips-outs eliminate integral parts of interior elements.

    No. At MV Construction Group, we undertake every safety precaution to prevent any damage to the structural integrity of a building.


    Our architects and engineers work together to ensure the process follows expected standards of quality and safety. We inform the building manager and other occupants of the building before commencing the work.   

    We provide dedicated construction waste management services in Sydney.  Asbestos and other hazardous construction materials are carefully disposed of as per the standard safety protocols.  You can be completely stress-free about waste removal when MV Construction Group is with you.